Dr. Bashar Hassoun

Chairman of the Board. Habitual Entrepreneur. Business Angel. Philanthropist.




Founder and Chairman of the Board of BSH CG GmbH (German Private Holding).


Founder and CEO of:

BSH Consulting,

BSH Building,

BSH Engineering,

BSH Academy,

BSH Health,

BSH Construction, and

BSH Publishing.


Founder and president of:

RCHEE (Research Center for Human Error Engineering),

RCWHP (Research Center for Workplace Health Promotion)

RCAIE (Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Engineering)

RCREM (Research Center for Real Estate Management), and

RCCET (Research Center for Civil Engineering and Technology).


Founder and Chair of:

BSH Foundation Germany and

BSH Foundation Global.


Angel Investor.


Voracious reader.

Avid traveler, diver, hiker, and photographer.